“There’s a good chance your son, daughter, friend, sister are dreaming of great things. Encourage and support them so they don’t loose one of humanities greatest assets. The ability to dream.”

— Jesse Martin

The duration of Jesse’s speaking presentations range from 30 – 70 minutes and include the accompanying use of photo and video material.

For expeditions or multi-day events, a three part Lecture Series can be spread over several days. Learn more here..

Travel and accommodation can be arranged by us (if required). Our travel is carbon offset by Greenfleet.

Please get in touch to discuss your event details.

Keynote Presentation Feedback

We had a guest list which included some of the best known business people from Melbourne and, without exception, we received very favourable comments about Jesse’s inspirational address and his candid answers to the many questions that were asked.

Simon McKeon
Macquarie Bank

Rarely do successful people have the ability to translate that personal success in the field into an interesting story or speech. Jesse has that rare ability, which was recognised and applauded by all those who attended the luncheon

Geoff Pollard
Tennis Australia

Should you have Jesse speak at your conference? My Response: If you don’t you are denying your audience an extraordinary opportunity to be inspired.

Kevin Panozza
SalesForce Australia

Above all, Jesse remains humble, real and approachable. Of all his great achievements and abilities, this human quality is perhaps Jesse’s greatest asset.

Correne Wilke
Here for Life